Keep your hands away from the municipalities!

After successfully helping out the hunting lobby, Deputy PM Zsolt Semjén has just submitted a new, crispy bill to Parliament which, if passed, would allow the government to deprive opposition-led towns from the tax income generated by the HUF-billion mega projects and to re-channel the money to Fidesz-led county councils, for example.

Knowing that they have already done so to the town of Göd and the Samsung project, this is more than just a suspicion now. Taking away a significant share of the affected towns’ income drives another nail in the coffin of Hungarian municipalities. Orbán laid the foundations for his later successes as the winner of the 2006 municipal elections but, seeing the growing resentment of his policies, he is now ready to completely dismantle municipal rights. He heavily taxes them without any form of compensation for their lost revenues. In the meantime, the PM pretends as if he was doing quite the opposite. However, the facts clearly show that the Orbán cabinet is a government of austerity measures: divestment in the municipalities, divestment in hospitals and divestment in terms of the people.

By making this decision, Orbán may prevent municipalities from being able to perform their non-mandatory tasks, such as operating the local sport and cultural life and any other remaining self-funded development projects in these towns. Furthermore, they will have even more difficulties to find resources for their mandatory tasks, too.

This is unprecedented in Europe and worldwide as well, just like the Fidesz government’s attitude to focus on further solidifying its political hegemony even when it should be concentrating on managing the crisis. Meanwhile, the cabinet goes out of its way to serve the interests of the multinational companies by providing larger tax cuts than any other country; letting them bring their foreign workers out of epidemiological surveillance to work, and making strategic deals with labour import companies instead of the Hungarian enterprises.

As the Hungarian people’s party, Jobbik will use all its means to fight the government’s latest madness which makes a mockery of 21st-century economic approaches, the representation of the national interests and the municipalities as well. As far as the municipalities are concerned, Orbán is clearly attempting to override the election results, in other words, the will of the voters by simply withdrawing resources from the towns where the opposition won the elections.


Róbert Dudás and Dániel Z. Kárpát,

Vice Presidents, Jobbik