Juncker kills Europe

"Jean-Claude Juncker's proposals to solve the migrant crisis, which the Commission President announced on Wednesday, are unacceptable for Jobbik," stated Dániel Z. Kárpát. The party will initiate a referendum on the quota system unless the government clearly rejects the Brussels concept.

The politician says the ideas of the EC President would have a fatal effect on the future of the continent. Referring to the suggestion of giving employment to migrants as early as possible, he called it extremely dangerous. Z. Kárpát believes it would basically mean that this huge mass of people would stay here for good.
"Juncker wants to kill Europe,"Jobbik's vice president summarized.
The politician called the quota plan a "liberal nonsense", too. As he put it, this would actually mean that Western states handpick skilled and talented labour force, and return the useless individuals to the peripheral countries, including Hungary.
"Perhaps the first round only contains a few hundred refugees, but once you open this gate, it will be very hard to close it again, and this number may multiply," emphasized the politician. 

As he pointed out, even though Germany announced that they would accept all Syrian migrants, 65% of the asylum applications of self-declared Syrians are rejected. The rejected individuals must be relocated somewhere else, and the target zone is likely to be the peripheral states. In Jobbik's view, this would have a devastating effect on Hungary. "Unless the government clearly rejects the quota system, Jobbik will initiate a referendum to prevent any non-EU immigrants from being relocated in Hungary," stated Z. Kárpát.
He believes the government just "communicates, communicates and communicates" but fails to solve the problem. "They keep talking about closing the borders while they allocate 59 000 public employment jobs for the migrants," the politician pointed out.  In Jobbik's view, there are two realistic paths to solve the migrant crisis
1.      stop registration
2.      seal the borders
Z. Kárpát admitted that "these are tough measures but the situation is tough, too."
In his words, what really is "frightening" is that Jobbik is the only one to take the responsibility to suggest these tough measures.


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