Jobbik's vice president László Toroczkai on the referendum result

Jobbik's vice president and Mayor of Ásotthalom, a town on the Hungary-Serbia border, László Toroczkai evaluated the result of the referendum in his Facebook post. He explained why he was not given a chance to appear in the national media and he also talked about why the referendum was invalidated by a low turnout.

In Mr. Toroczkai's opinion, the lengthy partisan campaign is only part of the reason why the vote was invalid. Jobbik's vice president notes it was government party Fidesz who raised the validity threshold to 50% in their Fundamental Law of 2011. Besides, the turnout of Hungarians living and working abroad, whose number is estimated somewhere between 500 thousand and 1 million, was nearly 0%.

The reason is that Fidesz refused to support Jobbik's proposal to grant these people the right to vote in mail.

Mr. Toroczkai also addressed those who criticized him for not doing enough for a high turnout: he reminded them that he had done more campaigning than any Fidesz politician, he travelled all over the country and kept urging citizens to vote, both as Jobbik's vice president and the Mayor of Ásotthalom, the town that has gained international fame. However, he was not given any chance to appear in the national media.

"Although I had journalists visiting me from England, France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Basque Country, the USA, China, Bulgaria and Austria, Fidesz' media empire practically boycotted me, even though I would have urged everyone to vote if I had been given a chance to speak. Instead, we had a visit from pro-government daily "Magyar Idők" ("Hungary Times"), whose journalists asked permission to ride along with my rangers in their car all night, adding that they were sorry but they were not going to quote me in the report. I also got an invitation to TV2's (a commercial television channel with ties to the government) "Mokka" morning show, but they called me back an hour later saying that I shouldn't go after all.

Unsurprisingly, left-liberals boycott me while Jobbik does not have its own media empire. Well, let me ask my critics from Fidesz: how could I possibly have voiced my concerns more loudly in the Hungarian media?" Mr. Toroczkai asks.