Jobbik's vice-president is sure that his party is the only one able to replace the government

In his Budapest press conference on Friday, János Volner emphasized that his party was ready to replace the government. The opposition politician expressed that Fidesz’ “central power strategy” had failed while Jobbik had won the competition of the two opposition blocks.

In his view, Fidesz offers a lifeline to “the left which keeps suffering more and more losses each day” and presents them as a potent challenger just to split opposition votes. Explaining his opinion, he mentioned Viktor Orbán’s recent meeting with the Socialist PM candidate in the town of Szeged.

Mr Volner agreed with former Socialist MP Márta Demeter, who had just stated that the political left had given up on replacing the government in 2018 while the Socialist Party and the Democratic Coalition were merely competing for gaining the upper hand within the left side.

Describing the government party’s attitude, the MP said they acted as if Jobbik should be ashamed that more and more pro-left people side with the national people’s party and offer their expertise in various areas. Jobbik works for the people and wants to ensure prosperity for all of them, regardless who they voted for, the faction leader explained, adding that if Jobbik got into government, they were going to consider people’s merit and professional performance.


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