Jobbik’s top priority: Hungary’s security

Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary is concerned to see the events unfolding in Iraq and Iran since the American bombing of Qassim Suleimani. We believe that the killing of the Irani leader may trigger extremely negative processes both in the Middle East and worldwide.

We find it unfortunate that the American leadership has recently been increasingly favouring unilateral measures over diplomatic settlements through negotiations. Suleimani’s killing is a very serious case of this trend, which may set a bad example in terms of settling international conflicts in the future. We are convinced that diplomacy had a reason to have developed the practice of respecting the protected status of state leaders and diplomats, regardless of the opinions about the policies of particular states. So the Trump administration’s action was not just against an Irani leader but the customs of the civilized world as well.

We believe such measures may be particularly risky in the Middle East where the martyr cult already attracts so many people and where the intervention may incite anti-Western sentiments as well as political and religious radicalism in an already unstable region, which may also have a negative impact on Hungary’s security within our country’s borders.

We know and understand the US concerns but we are convinced that a mutual respect for the Iran nuclear deal would have been much more beneficial for the interests of all parties. It is important to note that this situation has not only increased tensions in the Middle East but within the alliance system of Europe and the United States, too.

Jobbik is glad to see that the European foreign affairs leadership reacted well to the grave situation, focusing on a peaceful settlement. We believe that it is more necessary than ever for the member states of the European Union to develop their common position and act as one. Our optimism is fuelled by an earlier promise of European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, who said that the Commission was planning to take a more assertive stance in geopolitical issues affecting Europe. It is still a question how much the Orbán government is going to hinder the necessary common European action since today’s statement by the Hungarian PM, in which he said he wanted the European position to move closer to that of the US and Israel with regard to the treatment of Iran, is irresponsible, dangerous and far from Hungary’s and the EU’s best interests.

At present, the utmost priority must be given to the security of Europe and Hungary.


Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary