Jobbik's struggle for sovereignty: another small step in the right way

The European Affairs Committee of the Hungarian National Assembly has accepted Tibor Bana's proposed amendment to the Committee's opinion to be submitted to the President of the European Commission. The document emphasizes that the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) "must not enter into force without the ratification of the member states."

Jobbik continues to firmly reject the agreement which the party considers unfavourable in terms of our national sovereignty and economy as well. The supporters of the agreement quote GDP growth and improving living standards, but no actual impact studies have been presented so far. The treaty may have a significantly negative impact on the economies of the less developed EU member states, while Hungary in particular may also suffer from the additional unfavourable effect of a reducing trade within Europe. The mechanism of investor-state dispute settlement enables multinational companies to block the efforts of states with the help of arbitration courts. The negotiations lack transparency, they are mostly conducted in secret between big business leaders and politicians.

Jobbik finds it outrageous that the European Commission was even willing to consider validating this agreement without the approval of the national parliaments, which is intolerable in terms of our national sovereignty.