“Jobbik’s representatives will be the watchdogs of honesty everywhere” while white-collar criminals are to go to prison

The 2019 municipal election campaign was officially launched on Saturday. This means that both the governing parties and the opposition forces, which have been hammering out coordination agreements so far, are now turning towards their voters with renewed effort and momentum.

In his press conference held in front of the National Assembly building, Jobbik’s parliamentary faction leader Péter Jakab said the upcoming elections were for the voters to decide what kind of future they want, i.e., local councils run by Fidesz potentates who always represent the central government’s interest and can’t do better than bringing the occasional spectacular but useless project to the town and even tap into that money, or by true patriots who really work for the local people and fight as hard as they can to bring the necessary funds to their communities.

Noting that the October 13 elections will have a historic significance, Mr Jakab explained that Hungary’s political arena has never seen a cooperation of such parties, where people with different ideologies began to work together for their country regardless if they were leaning towards the right or the left.

According to Jobbik’s politician, PM Orbán’s two-thirds majority is built on the local councils, so the municipal elections will affect the balance of power in the Parliament, too. Explaining Jobbik’s goals for the elections, Mr Jakab said they wanted to send politicians to every local government to focus on honesty rather than ideological issues.

Jobbik’s representatives will be the watchdogs of honesty and integrity in all municipal councils and they will put an end to the corruption and looting that has been going on in Hungarian towns and villages for thirty years, he added. “We offer an alliance to all honest citizens but we can promise nothing but prison to all corrupt people because that’s the pillar of social renewal in Hungary’s local communities,” Mr Jakab asserted.

“Viktor Orbán treats Hungarian towns and villages as his own estates where the Fidesz-delegated mayors act as his viceroys: they collect the taxes from the serfs and keep any rebellion under control,” the faction leader explained why it was so important for them to break Fidesz’ rule in the local governments.


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