Jobbik’s new MP Gergely Kálló takes his oath

Gergely Kálló was officially instated as a Member of Parliament on Monday. Jobbik’s politician will take Tamás Pintér’s seat in the party’s parliamentary faction. Mr Pintér had to return his mandate when he was elected as the mayor of Dunaújváros.


Gergely Kálló taking his oath as MP

The Dunaújváros region held a by-election on 16 February. Running as a candidate supported by the entire opposition, Gergely Kálló won the race by a huge margin. Mr Kálló’s mandate was approved in the usual procedure, uncontested by the parliamentary factions on Monday. Before taking his official oath, Jobbik’s new MP also took an oath before the Holy Crown, according to Jobbik’s traditions.

On the day of his election, the new MP said: “Today we set out on a path and we trust that we can draw the right conclusions in the upcoming months so that we can go into the 2022 elections with a joint plan and renewed effort, hopefully leading to the replacement of this government.” As Jobbik’s president Péter Jakab put it, “if Viktor Orbán fails to change his policies, the 2022 elections will see 106 other candidates joining Gergely Kálló who beat Fidesz today”.


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