Jobbik's new bill to hugely embarrass Fidesz and the Socialists

Based on the Polish lustration act, Jobbik is going to submit a comprehensive lustration bill that would guarantee unlimited access to the list of Communist secret police informants as well as to all documents related to Hungary’s Communist state security organizations. In his Tuesday press release, Jobbik MP Ádám Mirkóczki stated the motion would also guarantee that no operators of the Communist state security could fill any position in the Hungarian public sphere.

“The sabotaged and stolen change of the political system is the common shame of Fidesz and the Socialist Party who, due to the thousands of threads tying them to the country’s Communist past, have done whatever they could in the last 27 years to prevent any genuine solution to reveal Hungary’s state security past and hold the responsible individuals accountable.

Jobbik will abandon the outdated approach that only the informants and their operators have rights while the victims have no choice but to resign themselves to whatever happened. In short, this motion will finally complete the change of the political system – unless it gets blocked by the other parties.


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