Jobbik’s five guidelines in environmental policy

Jobbik is fully aware of our generation’s responsibility for the future of our children so we support their manifesto and their strike on May 24 to call the world’s attention to the threats of climate change. We will work in the European Parliament with that responsibility and our activities will always be guided by the five principles below:

1. Environmental Regulations

EU environmental regulations should ensure safe and healthy living conditions for people and for nature. We support the application of the precautionary principle and endorse regulations protecting people and the natural environment from threats posed by pollution, e.g. pesticides, microplastics and hormone-disrupting substances.

2. Sustainable Agriculture

We support small-scale farming (small and medium farms, family farms), the diversity of agricultural production, sustainable agriculture and organic farming, the preservation of genetic resources, the use of traditional breeds and species and the promotion of a short food supply chain. Direct payments should induce better environmental performance of agricultural production.

3. Climate Change

Renewable (geothermal, solar, wind) energy sources and methods should be supported instead of fossil fuel projects. The highest priority and support should be given to the research, development and application of renewables in the EU’s financial mechanism (and governmental subsidies).

4. The next EU Budget

The financing rate of projects implemented by civil society organizations should take their circumstances into account and they should be provided a higher funding rate than projects run by for-profit companies. This especially applies to Hungary, where environmental issues have become a non-priority for the current government.

5. Environmental Policy

The development of the EU should turn to the path of sustainability taking into account the social, environmental and economic aspects in a balanced manner for the benefit of present and future generations, while respecting the carrying capacity of the ecosystems. Present leaders of the EU and EU member states as well as their citizens should be responsible for the environment and well-being of future generations!


MP Márton Gyöngyösi, MEP candidate and MP Lajos Kepli, Jobbik