Jobbik’s executive vice president urges for protecting the rule of law in Council of Europe plenary meeting

Márton Gyöngyösi expresses his deep concerns that some governments reject criticism on the grounds that they have the support of the majority and they do whatever they please: they can marginalize the free media, the independent authorities, the judiciary system and even the Parliament. Addressing the Council of Europe (CoE) plenary meeting on Tuesday, Jobbik’s executive vice president and the party’s lead candidate for the EP elections offered his input for the debate about the report on the EU’s mechanisms affecting the rule of law and fundamental rights in member states.

Calling the report timely, Mr Gyöngyösi emphasized the need for a cooperation between the CoE and the European Parliament (EP). In his speech, he noted that the Council of Europe should insist upon its position: keep making recommendations and monitor how democracy and the rule of law are respected in member states. He added that our civilization and our continent were built on these fundamental values.

Mr Gyöngyösi also warned the CoE meeting of the new trend where parties and governments with a majority of parliamentary seats in their countries tend to marginalize certain democratic institutions. Criticizing this worrying tendency, he stated that mechanisms, reports and recommendations should not only focus on the formal requirements but the content as well because some of the countries currently experimenting with hybrid systems often defend their actions by claiming that their democratic institutions still exist. According to Mr Gyöngyösi, even though such institutions do remain in existence, democracy is actually in danger in those countries.

That’s exactly what’s going on in Hungary. It’s very important for us to listen to the critical voices. Yes, the EU has been widely criticized for its democratic deficit and it’s vital for us to correct these faults, introduce reforms and increase the efficiency of our institutions,” Jobbik’s executive vice president concluded.

After his speech delivered in the plenary meeting, he posted the following message on his Facebook page:

“Under no circumstances is it acceptable if governments abuse their majority and eliminate the freedom of the media and the judiciary in an effort to establish an authoritarian regime. Jobbik stands for European values and the rule of law. We will keep fighting to the end for a free, democratic and safe Hungary. That’s what we will cast our ballots for in the European parliamentary elections on May 26.”


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