Jobbik's Congress: Hungary's largest opposition party keeps fighting

In his Budapest press conference, Jobbik spokesman György Szilágyi announced the decision of the party’s extraordinary congress on the future of the largest opposition force in Hungary. The congress was mainly summoned on account of the fines unlawfully imposed by the State Audit Office (SAO), which had threatened the very existence of the party but the delegates also discussed such questions as how they should continue the national resistance to Fidesz and Viktor Orbán’s system.

Mr Szilágyi told the media that the delegates demonstrated a brave and dedicated stance despite the extremely difficult 10-month period the party had just been over. According to the opposition MP, the commitment and endurance of the party members was fruitful: “Jobbik has been growing stronger: we have had 44 new local organizations and 400 new members recently, and the polls also show improving figures in the past period.”

Mr Szilágyi said Jobbik would not back down and could not be broken: “We are not afraid of anyone but we need to be smart now, too, because it’s a dictatorship we’re fighting,” the spokesman noted. In his view, the reason why Viktor Orbán is afraid of Jobbik is because only this opposition party can make him face the consequences of his actions, dismantle the System of National Cooperation and hold Mr Orbán and his associates to account.

The MP revealed that Jobbik’s congress set certain short and long-term goals for the party:
In the next 10 months, Jobbik aims to have twice as many new organizations and new members as the number of those formed and joined in the past 10 months.
As a long-term goal, the party wants to restore the middle class in Hungary.
Talking about the latter, Mr Szilágyi said: “Orbán’s regime is supported by roughly 2000 families who make an excellent living on the corrupt System of National Cooperation while there are about 120-150 thousand other families who serve the regime. In Mr Szilágyi’s opinion, this group can hardly be called a middle class. Jobbik wants to develop a wide layer of the society where people’s prosperity does not depend on their connections to the central power.

The congress also discussed the upcoming European parliamentary elections. According to the participants, the vote will decide if Fidesz can ban the largest opposition party.
“If many citizens support us with their votes, Fidesz will not dare to ban Jobbik,” Mr Szilágyi explained, promising that his party was going to use whatever little resources they have to fight against Fidesz’ smear campaigns. He noted that justice would be the main force on Jobbik’s side. Sending a message to the doubters, he said:
“Justice and heroism is Jobbik’s soul today.”

The MP emphasized that the circumstances required Jobbik to coordinate with the other opposition parties and their local organizations on certain issues. As he put it, Politics Can Be Different was the only party they could envision a close cooperation with, as they are the ones Jobbik could agree with on several matters.

Mr Szilágyi also announced that the congress unanimously adopted the manifesto below:



Today the extraordinary congress of Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary unanimously adopted the following manifesto. We don’t break, we don’t bend, we keep fighting against Viktor Orbán’s corrupt, authoritarian regime!

“We will never give up, we will always start again if we have to!

In this dark hour, the power of the state wants to break all real resistance. They think if you’re not with them, you have to scram out of Fidesz’ way. We, the members of Jobbik are not just making a decision on our party today; we are also sending a message to those who, just like us, refuse to subdue to the oppression, the deluge of lies and the political system built on stealing the people’s assets.

We refuse to bend the knee to Viktor Orbán! No matter how he sets his taxpayer-funded lackey media on us every day; no matter how the State Audit Office knocks at our door with fabricated charges every week, Jobbik’s community can neither be broken nor dissolved.

Jobbik is much more than a party that has been in operation for 15 years. It’s a battle-hardened community of patriots who were ready to confront the anti-national measures of the earlier left-wing governments, then stood up against the fake national government that had become corrupt, built a stealth dictatorship and betrayed the eternal values of the political right.

The current measures against us are also an attempt to manipulate the next two elections. If the largest Hungarian party has zero money for the campaign, then that’s how we are going to run it. If that’s how we need to do it, we will see it through no matter what. We love this homeland of ours more than anything and if we have to, we will restart the fight for it again and again.

We will continue our struggle for our nation and Hungary’s freedom, and we will run in the European parliamentary and the municipal elections as well. We will go on the path of national resistance which we all took an oath for. We will do so for a truly free, fair and safe Hungary!”





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