Jobbik’s board calls on Gergely Kulcsár to resign from office

Jobbik’s new board called on Gergely Kulcsár to resign from his seat in the Hajdú-Bihar County council. According to daily Magyar Hang, new party president Péter Jakab confirmed that even though the outgoing board had allowed the representative, who had caused a serious political scandal by spitting on the Holocaust memorial a few years ago, to participate in politics as a county councilman, the new board no longer does so. „They tolerated this but the board under my leadership will not” – the newspaper quotes Péter Jakab, who added that the board’s very first decision was to call on the politician to leave his office.

“Extremist acts are not tolerated in a people’s party,” the quote goes on. Péter Jakab called the decision a symbolic step “to make a clear distinction between the past and the present”. Talking about his concept of a merit-based party, he explained that you can advance in the party based on your merit but if you don’t deserve to be a member of the community, you will have no place in Jobbik. Gergely Kulcsár used to be a Member of Parliament but the party could not enter him in the municipal race in Debrecen last October because of the recurring scandal, even though opposition parties Politics Can Be Different and Momentum would have been ready to endorse a Jobbik candidate.

In ATV’s Monday Straight Talk show, Péter Jakab said this decision should have been made years ago because Gergely Kulcsár did not deserve to stay in office. However, whether Mr Kulcsár takes the board’s call seriously or not is a question for Jobbik rather than for him, Mr Jakab noted. He added that he would like to see other opposition parties taking similar symbolic steps to withdraw their politicians who were active before 2010 because they are a burden for the cooperation on the opposition side. Sending a message to Jobbik voters, he said they would go all the way to the wall and beyond, and get to 2022 without going back to 2010.


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