Jobbik's banner flies in Switzerland, too

Jobbik's fifth foreign friendship group was established in Zurich this weekend, Alfahír reported. Gábor Opauszki is from the town of Kiskőrös and he was a member of Jobbik's group in District VII, Budapest, when he decided to move to Switzerland on account of his Swiss-frank-based loan.

While Switzerland was a common destination for Hungarian refugees in 1956, it has recently reached a "high rank" among the target countries of the increasingly intensive emigration wave, too. According to the statistical figures , Switzerland is a top target country for Hungarian emigrants after Great Britain, Germany and Austria. There are no official data about the number of the Hungarian population living there, but there are tens of thousands of them, typically clustered in the German-speaking cantons.


The largest city of the 8 million strong federal state is Zurich where Jobbik established its fifth foreign friendship group after Munich, New York, London and Vienna. István Szávay, the party's vice president participated in the event which was attended by Jobbik supporters coming from all parts of the country, from Basel to Luzern. Talking to our portal, Szávay said their goal was to set up friendship groups in every major city and region in Western Europe and overseas by 2018. The role of the groups will be to inform the local Hungarian population about Jobbik's programme and efforts – as well as the local national forces if they are interested. Another important goal for the groups is to help Jobbik get a better insight into key foreign and national policy issues.

In response to our question, Szávay emphasized that Jobbik members living in Switzerland would never interfere with the domestic policy of the federal state, which is duly proud of its neutrality. Instead, the role of the group members is to promote the party, organize the community as well as to show a good example.

Swiss frank against a Swiss-frank-based loan

The organization of the Zurich Friendship Group was undertaken by 34-year-old Gábor Opauszki, a father of three, who has been working as a quality assurance engineer for four years in Switzerland, near the French border. "Yes, we are one of those Hungarian families who have been driven from their beloved homeland by the hopelessness of the foreign currency based loans, but we would like to move back soon," said Opauszki.

"As a Jobbik member living abroad, I consider the organization of patriotic people and the representation of Hungarian values as my most important mission. In 1956, Switzerland gave home to many Hungarian professionals, but their children or grandchildren hardly speak Hungarian at all. Our generation is destined not only to preserve but to take back our ancestors' knowledge to the Carpathian basin," he added.

Zurich is the first Swiss city but not likely the last where Jobbik organizes a group. In order to establish such friendship groups in other canton centres as well, Gábor Opauszki asks all patriotic Hungarians to fill out this  online registration form, and encourage their friends to do so, too.


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