Jobbik’s anti-defamation press conference

Hungary’s pro-government media block, including the public media, has been defaming Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary for quite a while. Even though the courts eventually establish how false these lies are, the media coverage of the retractions is minimal. Moreover, until the falsehood is finally established by the court, the pro-government media keeps posing questions at Jobbik’s regular press conferences on issues that are completely off the announced agenda, thus diverting attention from the important matters.

Jobbik has decided not to address the questions related to these slanders at the party’s standard press conferences. Instead, the largest opposition party created a new forum called Anti-Defamation Press Conference where the representatives of the pro-government media can pose their questions related to their own lies on Fridays.

The first Anti-Defamation Press Conference saw MP Ádám Mirkóczki and spokesman György Szilágyi spending one and a half hours on answering the questions of the journalists showing up for the event. The questions were mostly related to Jobbik’s internal affairs and the statements made by individuals who had left the party. MP Mirkóczki stated that Jobbik was going to pick up the gauntlet both in communication and before the court, where the party has won 150 libel suits so far. The politician also informed the journalists present that Jobbik was not expecting any MPs to leave the party’s parliamentary group other than the 3 representatives who had recently done so. Mr Mirkóczki said most of Jobbik’s 13 000 members were active and the constant attacks were going to reinforce their resolve rather than cause them to quit.