Jobbik wins over 100 libel suits against Fidesz’ lie factory

This is not Jobbik’s glory but Fidesz’ shame. It’s a shame that today’s Hungary is governed by Fidesz, a party which, in lack of a political programme and a debate-worthy Candidate for Prime Minister, keeps trying to defeat its challenger with fake news, smear campaigns and blatant lies.

They do so at the taxpayers’ expense, by running advertisements worth HUF hundreds of millions in media outlets which then lose one libel suit after the other to Jobbik, while they often refuse to publish the truth even in spite of a court resolution. Viktor Orbán is so afraid of losing his power that he authorized his media not to stop defaming Jobbik even if it means ignoring court decisions.

The 100 libel suits won show that Jobbik has taken up the gauntlet and continues fighting Fidesz and its fake news factories. But we’re not only doing this for ourselves. Today it’s us who are defamed on the magazine covers but tomorrow they will spread lies about anyone Fidesz wants to get rid of for political, business or private reasons.

On April 8, Jobbik will put an end to this Rákosist media terror and stop the power from using the media for brainwashing, smear campaigns and fearmongering. In a Jobbik-led Hungary, the media will have one single job: to provide credible and balanced information for the public. Those who fail to do so will not be rewarded with multi-million-HUF government advertisements but multi-million-HUF fines. The people cannot be deceived without consequences.


Péter Jakab, Jobbik's spokesman