Jobbik wins mayoral by-election ahead Fidesz

Jobbik candidate Oszkar Juhasz won the mayoral election held in Gyongyospata last Sunday, way ahead of the Fidesz-supported opponent. With outstandingly high, more than 60% turnout, the Jobbik candidate received 33,8% of the votes, while the independent but Fidesz-supported candidate came second with 26% in the mayoral race. Gabor Vona, Jobbik chairman claimed victory over the governing party and promised Gyongyospata to become a showcase and positive example of Jobbik mayoral leadership.

Gyongyospata, a village in the Eastern part of Hungary has been in the spotlight for some months now, the international media also covering the events.

It all began when locals in the village turned to Jobbik for help and support against petty crimes mostly committed by -- in their own words -- gypsies. A demonstration against crime was held by Jobbik and civil groups arrived in the village to patrol the streets, counterbalancing the complete lack of police presence, law and order. During the two weeks of patrols, crime rates significantly fell and the population embraced the civil groups that brought peace and calm in the troubled village.

The former Fidesz-backed mayor resigned, mainly due to the obvious positive changes Jobbik and the civil groups delivered, the results that he had been unable to provide before. Police occupied the village at the same time but they were more keen to harass the civil groups than fulfilling their original duties, which shows that police are an arm of government and not there for the security of citizens.

The gypsy population of the village was 'evacuated' by the Red Cross that later turned out to be a pre-arranged holiday for some of the families. The timing, however, strangely coincided with the media spotlight on the village and now seems to be a poor attempt to create a false picture of 'evacuation' from 'far-right vigilantes', that the international media was ready to jump on.

The real picture has now finally surfaced as the majority of the people in Gyongyospata voted for the Jobbik candidate. Facts are facts and the people voted for Jobbik in spite of the false, manipulative media coverage.

International media, including the BBC and its Hungarian correspondent, Nick Thorpe, have been quiet on the Jobbik victory, proving once again the establishment media is not there to report objectively, but to shape public opinion according to certain expectations.