Jobbik will meet the deadline to submit documentary evidence of correct procedures to State Audit Office

Jobbik received the draft resolution of the State Audit Office this week. The document states that Jobbik, as an organization nominating candidates for the election, has properly accounted for the state subsidies received for the party and the candidates as well. However, it also assumes that Jobbik allegedly failed to comply with the regulations related to the financing of political parties. Jobbik is certain that it did not accept any unlawful financing. Furthermore, the party also has the financial documents and argumentation to provide evidence accordingly. Jobbik will submit its official response along with all the additional documentation by the deadline to the State Audit Office.


Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary


As it was reported earlier, the State Audit Office has proposed another substantial penalty for Jobbik, amounting over HUF 100 million.