Jobbik will hold the corrupt Fidesz government to account for organizing immigration

13 thousand Chinese, 12 hundred Russian, three hundred Iranian, two hundred and forty Pakistani, hundreds of African and other Asian immigrants settled down in Hungary in just a few years – as it was revealed by the response to the query made by Transparency International. These migrants did not come to Hungary as part of George Soros’ dangerous plan. On the contrary, they were settled in Hungary by Fidesz, causing HUF billions of financial loss to Hungarian taxpayers through the government’s residency bond scheme. In total, the 19 855 immigrants, who were granted temporary or permanent residence permits, came from 59 countries. As hypocritical and corrupt as ever, Fidesz keeps maxing out its anti-Soros smear campaign, accusing opposition parties, civil protesters and NGOs of being immigration supporters on Soros’ payroll, even though nobody but the governing party has settled migrants in Hungary in the past few years. Jobbik will investigate this matter and hold the corrupt government to account for organizing immigration.


György Szilágyi, Member of Parliament and spokesman, Jobbik