Jobbik welcomes the success of RMDSZ and expresses sympathy for the abandoned People's Party

Jobbik MP István Szávay says RMDSZ - Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania got a strong mandate from the Hungarian voters but he is concerned that Fidesz abandoned the Hungarian People's Party of Transylvania.

In his Monday press conference, the opposition MP congratulated the Hungarian politicians who got a seat in Bucharest's parliament. In Mr Szávay's view, this result obliges the alliance of RMDSZ and MPSZ (Hungarian Civic Alliance) to conduct a “credible, efficient and consistent representation of Hungarian interests”.

He added that “they got a strong mandate to do so" as they gained 6.2-6.3 per cent of the votes, which is far higher than their results in the previous election. However, Mr Szávay also pointed out that Hungarian-populated areas did not produce a significantly higher turnout than before, which indicated  "unfortunately, Hungarian voters still do not consider voting important enough or they did not consider the available candidates credible enough".

The politician expressed his opinion that the result was nonetheless “important and solid." Mr Szávay welcomed RMDSZ' recent involvement of younger politicians but he pointed out that "there are a few RMDSZ representatives and senators who should now have the time to retire."

Szávay also voiced his “concern" that the Hungarian alliance was not complete as the Hungarian People's Party of Transylvania was left out of it. The MP called it sad that "Fidesz abandoned the Hungarian People's Party of Transylvania along with the people who  decided to pursue a political career upon Viktor Orbán's incitement and tried to develop a credible national alternative for the Hungarians of Transylvania."

Jobbik's MP expressed his joy that openly Hungarian-hater parties could not get into Parliament although anti-Hungarian voices can still be heard in Romania's political discourse. As a typical example, he mentioned ex-president Traian Basescu’s harangue  about  "the real Romania", which  "stretches to the River Tisza" and where he threatened Hungary that the Romanian army may once again "visit" Budapest. Mr Szávay finds it „outrageous and astounding” that "these statements did not receive a categorical response from the Hungarian government."

He noted that after Basescu's comments he called upon Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szíjjártó to immediately summon the Romanian ambassador and „express his categorical protestation against the open threat on the Hungarian nation",  but it has never happened.

Mr Szávay also missed PM Orbán disowning Traian Basescu whom the Hungarian leader had considered a political ally before. “I wonder if the Prime Minister would still have voted for Traian Basescu today, just like he recommended for the Transylvanian Hungarian community earlier,” commented the politician.


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