Jobbik welcomes Greek government's brave stance

Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary welcomes the newly-elected Greek government's brave stance regarding the European Council's communiqué on the Mariupol tragedy. Prime Minister Tsipras' courageous opposition to a statement that blames Russia, advocates more sanctions and was made "on behalf of all EU member states" while it completely ignores the real opinions of EU countries, has clearly revealed the methods that the EU's foreign affairs body applies in its work.

We hereby call upon the organizations of the EU to stop issuing statements suggested by Washington, serving foreign interests and imposing them on the member states, and start representing the interests of European countries by developing a Russia policy for Europe that would be beneficial for our continent.

Jobbik congratulates Prime Minister Tsipras' government and calls upon the Hungarian leadership to firmly represent Hungarian national interests and not to sign declarations that are clearly harmful for the interests of our country.


Gábor Vona

President, Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary