Jobbik welcomes the Geneva agreement about Iran

Jobbik welcomes the Geneva agreement about Iran

Jobbik welcomes the Geneva agreement which is a responsible step for stability and security in the Middle East and it can also be instrumental in lifting the inhumane economic and trade boycott that has been torturing the Iranian people for decades - wrote Márton Gyöngyösi, the deputy leader of Jobbik's parliamentary group in his press release on Wednesday.

Jobbik has long been advocating that each country has the right to conduct a peaceful nuclear programme. We have always been critical of the policies of Israel and the West for ignoring the earlier UN investigations and resolutions and for conducting war propaganda and agitating against Iran, lacking any evidence. They accused the Persian state, which has not initiated any war since the ancient times, of developing its nuclear programme in order to launch a war and an atomic assault.

Israel's rejective attitude against the agreement yet again reveals the true aim of the terror state that calls itself "the only democracy in the Middle East": to maintain war tensions which has been Israel's utmost goal ever since its foundation.

Jobbik hopes that the West will finally cooperate with the international organizations, focus on the solution of the real problems instead of displacement activities and diversion, and take measures to break down the huge barriers in the way of the Middle East peace process, which are posed by the West's two largest allies in the region. That is to say, the West must do its best to limit Israel's nuclear and chemical weapons and to contain Saudi Arabia, which finances terrorist organizations in the Middle East and the rest of the world while also sponsoring the spread of the extremist Wahhabi-Salafi Islam.