Jobbik welcomes Amnesty International's report on israeli violations of human rights

Jobbik welcomes Amnesty International's report on israeli violations of human rights 


Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary points out that even Amnesty International, the international human rights organization well-known for its liberal affiliations, explicitly reports that Israel violated the fundamental principles of national humanitarian law by attacking civilian targets during the Gaza operation last summer. According to the report, Israeli forces displayed callous indifference to the Palestinian civilian casualties and attacked such targets without warning.

Jobbik relentlessly stands for the establishment of an independent state of Palestine, and considers the freedom fight of the Palestinian people against the Israeli occupying forces as legitimate. Jobbik reminds that Israel is keeping such territories under military occupation that it has no right to based on international law. The occupied territories regularly see the violation of human rights. Such violations include the treatment of citizens on the West Bank, where the authorities of the state that likes referring to itself as the only democracy in the Middle East separates Palestinian inhabitants with an 8-meter concrete wall and forbid Palestinians to get on the buses used by Israeli settlers, a reminiscent of the racist segregational policies of the United States in the past.

Jobbik condemns the systematic genocidal agenda constantly followed by Israel as well as the Chauvinist apartheid system operated by a state posing as a democratic one. In order to restore peace in the region, Jobbik calls upon Israel to abandon its terror campaigns and discriminatory policies against native Palestinians, withdraw behind the 1967 borders guaranteed by international law and enable the establishment and operation of an independent Palestinian state.


Márton Gyöngyösi

Deputy leader of Jobbik's parliamentary group