Jobbik was the first to be registered for the EP elections by the National Election Committee which has already reprimanded TV2

Since the national people’s party was the first to submit the required citizen endorsement forms to the National Election Office, Jobbik was also the first to be registered by the National Election Committee. Throughout its history, Jobbik has never submitted the necessary number of citizen endorsement forms so quickly, thus firmly refuting the pro-government media’s lies about its disintegration. Jobbik wants more safety and fairness in Europe as well as more freedom in Hungary. That’s what the party struggles for in the Hungarian National Assembly and, with a renewed effort, in the European Parliament after May.

In its meeting yesterday, the National Election Committee also agreed with Jobbik’s complaint against TV2. In five different airings of its “Facts” show on April 8 and 9, TV2 “forgot” to report that Jobbik, besides Fidesz, had also submitted the required number of citizen endorsement forms. Micro-managed by Mr Rogán’s propaganda ministry, the television had violated the principle of equal treatment of the different nominating organizations, for which the National Election Committee reprimanded the propaganda media outlet.


Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary