Jobbik wants to eliminate corruption – Fidesz and Krisztina Morvai helps it to thrive

On May 3, 2018, Jobbik MEP Zoltán Balczó voted to support the report submitted by the EP’s Committee on Budgetary Control regarding the protection of the EU’s financial interests and the fight against fraud. The effect of the report may have far-reaching consequences as its objectives include the investigation and elimination (with the assistance of the OLAF and the EPPO) of such abuses which tend to occur in large numbers in the circles of the Hungarian government.

Typically enough, Fidesz abstained from the vote since, despite its “freedom fighter rhetoric”, the governing party more than welcomes the billions coming from the EU – although it is rather reluctant to account for them. Fidesz’ position was supported by Krisztina Morvai who had been recalled from her seat by Jobbik, her delegating organization. Jobbik finds it regrettable that the party’s oathbreaker ex-MEP, who began her political career by promising accountability, has now joined Fidesz in voting against holding politicians to account and gradually stepping out of the European Union.


Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary