Jobbik wants independent professional to replace Fidesz' loyal servant as head of tax authority

Jobbik says there is no place for state secretary András Tállai as head of the National Tax and Customs Authority (NAV). The institution should be managed by a non-partisan professional.

In his Budapest press conference on Tuesday, the spokesman of the opposition party said: “The local fuel price cut in the town of Mezőkövesd means a whole new level of ‘Absurdistan’, and András Tállai cannot explain his act away by saying that he intervened in his capacity as a private citizen or the MP of the region: he simply cannot do such a thing as the president of NAV.”

As it has been reported earlier, Mr Tállai, the parliamentary representative of Mezőkövesd also happens to be state secretary in charge of taxation affairs and president of NAV. In his Saturday Facebook post, he informed the public that he had looked into fuel prices in the Mezőkövesd region based on a citizen’s request. After his negotiations with Hungarian MOL fuel company, gasoline prices dropped by 11 HUF while diesel by 5 HUF in Mezőkövesd, which is yet another evidence that Hungary’s economy is micromanaged manually.

Jobbik spokesman Ádám Mirkóczki suggested that if the state secretary really meant to do something about fuel prices, he should reduce the tax component, which is fully within the government’s competency. “All 106 constituencies could benefit from such a cut,” he stated, adding that the government failed to represent citizens’ interests on an equal basis.