Jobbik wants fair wages in the European Union

“The gap between Eastern and Western European wages is enormous,” stated Dániel Z. Kárpát, Jobbik’s vice president in his Budapest press conference on Monday. Adding that although this issue could mostly be managed and solved in a national scope, he emphasized that “Viktor Orbán and his team” had never even raised it in the EU meetings that “the Hungarian labour force suffers an unjustified exploitation.”

He also criticized the Orbán government for not raising the issue in the negotiation phase of the strategic contracts with multinational companies, either. Referring to the “brutal” emigration wave, he put it down partly to the unmanageable foreign currency loans.

He noted that Hungarian wages had shown the least growth in euros, the country’s 27 per cent VAT is a record and even minimum wage is taxed. Mr Z. Kárpát said they would solve the problem by, among other measures, reallocating the cohesion funds which would help businesses and lead to a wage increase. In his view, it is also important to involve multinational companies in sharing the social costs. As Jobbik’s proposals, he listed a pro-production tax system and a home creation programme. In the Parliament’s Monday session Jobbik MP Márton Gyöngyösi asked Viktor Orbán if the government was going to champion the cause of the wage union initiative.

CEU affair - Between two extremes

The politician also got a question about the CEU demonstration held on Sunday. He answered that Jobbik represented a realistic position between the two extremes: the government is trying to use a “political baseball bat” to close a university which has an unacceptable ideological education. In his opinion, the public outrage is not caused by this issue but by incompetency and deceitfulness, while the enrichment of certain pro-government people also triggers anger.


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