Jobbik urges to suspend EU-Israel association agreement

Jobbik urges the European Union to immediately suspend the association agreement with Israel, and has called for a boycott of Israeli products in Hungary.

In his press conference on Thursday, Tibor Bana, the Jobbik-delegated vice chairman of the European Affairs Committee of the Hungarian National Assembly stated that the idea of the European Union having relations with "such an aggressor state" was intolerable. In his view, EU leaders regularly stand for Israel and present the events in a unilateral manner in the international media, hardly ever mentioning anything but Israeli slights.

Jobbik's politician called upon the Hungarian public not to buy Israeli products as long as the Jewish state refuses to abandon its violent campaign.

Jobbik expressed its solidarity with the Palestinian people in a peace demonstration on Thursday night. The purpose of the demonstration was to urge the establishment of an independent Palestinian state as well as to raise a voice against "Israel's violent policy" - said Tibor Bana.


Source: MTI (Hungarian News Agency)