Jobbik urges strict measures

In his Sunday online press conference, Jobbik’s deputy parliamentary faction leader urged strict epidemic control measures to prevent a coronavirus crisis situation that is seen in Italy.

Koloman Brenner proposed that the social groups most at risk from the coronavirus should be tested, and mentioned Germany’s practice as a positive example where they release accurate updates on the coronavirus, based on the analyses made by hundreds of noted scientists.

“Each good international example shows how important it is to keep the public informed,” he said, emphasizing the role of professional and scientific reliability.

The opposition politician asked everyone to stay home. He criticized Fidesz and Viktor Orbán for “playing with Hungarian citizens’ lives” by failing to order the round-the-clock curfew and the mandatory home quarantine that Jobbik had long urged for.

“Jobbik finds it highly worrying that Fidesz wants to use this grave epidemic crisis situation to expand its own power,” MP Brenner added, concluding his press conference with a quote from Jobbik president Péter Jakab: “it’s the pandemic they need to eliminate now, not democracy”.


MTI - Hungarian News Agency - Alfahí -