Jobbik urges new national security inspection of residency bond holders

The national security vetting of individuals who received temporary or permanent Hungarian residence permits through Fidesz’ dirty residency bonds must immediately be suspended and repeated. Hardly any week or even day passes by without revealing Fidesz migrants with residency bonds whose presence and activities pose a national security risk for Hungary. Moreover, we can state that they pose a potential threat not only to Hungary but the entire EU as well. Not only does Fidesz fail to guarantee Hungary’s security, they even undermine it. Hallmarked by Antal Rogán’s name, the residency bond business makes Hungary’s anti-immigration policy hypocritical, questions Hungary’s reliability in the alliance system and undermines the credibility of Hungarian intelligence services and other authorities in the eyes of the international partner organizations.

On reasonable suspicion of high treason, Jobbik filed a complaint against unknown persons in the matter of the residency bonds. In addition, the next meeting of the Parliament’s National Security Committee will request an immediate briefing from our intelligence and counter-intelligence services on how the Russian businessman currently being investigated in Finland and the family members of the Russian intelligence chief could obtain Hungarian residency bonds.

Jobbik MP Ádám Mirkóczki, Chairman of the Committee on National Security