Jobbik turns to court on account of SAO’s show trial

Last week Jobbik filed for an unbiased court review of the HUF-663-million fine imposed by the State Audit Office’s resolution. The national people’s party made this decision after the SAO had made false premises which it then used to reach the equally false conclusions that Jobbik’s financial management was unlawful and that the party’s officials obstructed the Office’s audit procedure. Although the SAO pressed charges against Jobbik, the Public Prosecution Service has recently dropped the case and clearly stated that the party committed no violation of the law.

Jobbik expects the court to fully review Jobbik’s 21-page application and to annul the SAO resolution that contained false statements made in an unlawful procedure and was nothing but a crude attack on the challenging party.


Gábor Szabó, party director