Jobbik turns to Constitutional Court if Áder signs banning of the people into law

If this press release is discussed by two people in the street after next October, the police may decide to disperse them. Fidesz’ Communist law on assembly may solve the question of assembly for good: it bans it. What is Viktor Orbán afraid of? What crime is he planning to commit against our society now that he’s already preparing for banning demonstrations?

Jobbik finds it dishonourable that the “young democrats” are willing to trample upon the Constitution by bringing back the police state of outdated Bolsheviks. If Fidesz MPs vote for this legal contraption allowing for banning the people, and President of the Republic János Áder signs it into law, Jobbik will turn to the Constitutional Court as the party of the people. For that, we welcome the support of all MPs who are responsible to the people – and not to Viktor Orbán.


Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary