Jobbik to Summon Foreign Committee on Syria

Jobbik to Summon Foreign Committee on Syria.

Foreign Affairs Committee of the Hungarian National Assembly must be summoned and an official statement must be issued about the Syrian situation as soon as possible - said Márton Gyöngyösi in his press conference.


The MP says the Syrian conflict has reached a stage which requires the Hungarian Parliament to discuss the issue as well. The foreign committee can be summoned by the signature of five members and since Jobbik has four MPs in the committee, they need the support of one more representative. Márton Gyöngyösi hopes that if there is at least one MP who could be convinced to sign, it should be Pierre Daher, a government MP of Syrian-Lebanese origin. 

 He also mentioned that since a clash of opinions occurred within the UN Security Council, any attack without a consensus on Syria would violate international law. Furthermore, we have not been able to verify whether it was really the Assad regime that used chemical weapons. Especially because the event happened when the rebels were already driven back and the UN observers arrived, too.

 Jobbik's politician pointed out that the separatists are backed by several extremist Muslim organisations, including Al Qaeda, which is considered as an archenemy. Does the West really want to ally with them? - asked Gyöngyösi. He reminded the public that Iraq had also been attacked on account of (non-existing) weapons of mass destruction, after the media had agitated the people. Afghanistan was another utterly unsuccessful war, the soldiers left nothing but chaos behind, and they will have to be pulled out next year - said Jobbik's MP.

 A Syrian campaign would not be about democracy and human rights but a reinforcement of the geopolitical and economic situation, and of course the security of Israel. The latter country has verifiably used phosphorus bombs in Gaza, but they were never retaliated or reprimanded even though there were thousands of victims - he added. 

 The great powers (such as the United Kingdom, Russia or China) object to the intervention, Hungary also has to take sides in this issue and reject the invasion - said Márton Gyöngyösi, adding that Hungarian soldiers should not fight abroad for the interests of other countries.