Jobbik to hold all politicians accountable, including its own

Visiting foreign countries on his campaign trail, Jobbik’s Candidate for Prime Minister Gábor Vona held a discussion forum to a full house in Munich, Germany. The politician was greeted by a large crowd in Munich where he explained the cornerstones of Jobbik’s agenda for government. He briefly introduced what the “Hungarian hearts, common sense, clean hands” slogan meant. He also talked about the absurdity of the campaign, reciting what kind of names he had been called by the government’s media, ranging “from Terry Black’s client to Muslim terrorist”.

He addressed the issue of migration which Fidesz wants to keep in the limelight but also mentioned the Elios-affair, the traces of which lead all the way to the Prime Minister. Mr Vona emphasized that the option to vote by letter should be provided for the masses of citizens who emigrated to Western Europe as well as the Hungarian communities living in the neighbouring countries. Taking a step further, he added that the ultimate 21st-century goal must be to install electronic voting.

Jobbik focuses on holding politicians to account so the party would lift lawmakers’ immunity then join the European Public Prosecutor’s Office. The party would also hold its own politicians accountable so that nobody could steal public monies. The agenda includes the replacement of Prosecutor General Péter Polt, too.

“If we get into government, we will lift lawmakers’ immunity, abolish the statutes of limitation on these crimes, declassify the documents and say goodbye to Péter Polt.” Following the Romanian example, Jobbik would set up an anti-corruption prosecution office so the current regime would be crushed from all sides while these measures would also ensure that any future government, including Jobbik’s, would be under pressure not to attempt to steal the taxpayers’ money.


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