Jobbik to explain international organizations why Szekler autonomy is so important

This is what Jobbik’s vice president Tamás Sneider wrote in his  Facebook post.

Mr Sneider points out that the government has been unable to achieve a breakthrough in terms of the Szekler autonomy since the Szekler community is still just as deprived of its rights as before. According to the politician, Fidesz uses Szeklers to attain votes while it has failed to launch a freedom fight for autonomy; the government did not even attempt to raise the issue in international forums.

Mr Sneider also criticized the government for making former Communist and Socialist Party member Katalin Szili, who was Speaker of the Parliament during the Gyurcsány government, the Prime Minister’s Special Commissioner in charge of Hungarian minority affairs abroad.

Jobbik’s vice president states that: 

“If voters put Jobbik in charge of the government, we will not behave like sulking children with the great international organizations. Instead, we will sit down with them and explain this: Two and a half million Hungarian, Szekler and Ruthenian brothers and sisters live as second-class citizens in their own homeland due to the unjust peace dictates of Trianon and Paris. And we do not accept that.”



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