Jobbik to build a country worth returning to

“Jobbik is the only party in Hungary to offer membership for Hungarians living in the territories torn away from us as well as for those who left the country en masse typically for economic reasons,” the opposition party’s MP István Szávay said in his press conference.

Stating that Jobbik wanted to represent all Hungarians, the politician emphasized this was the reason why they began to organize groups abroad in 2012 and to establish friendship clubs in 2015, which enabled the party to conduct a two-way cooperation. In Mr Szávay’s view, these groups had a key role in communicating the party’s real messages to the inhabitants of the particular regions and they supported Jobbik’s work by talking about their problems, thus contributing to the development of a programme to build a country worth moving back to.

After that, the floor was given to Pál Péter Walter, the organizer of Jobbik’s friendship group in Zurich. Their organization had been active since November 2015 and they had organized numerous events, he said. These events are held to provide credible information on Jobbik’s work to Hungarians living in Switzerland. He explained that, in spite of the opposition party’s efforts, Fidesz had been discriminating against Hungarians who lived abroad but had a residence in Hungary. The government party was likely afraid that voting by letter might not favour them, he theorized. Pál Péter Walter revealed that he had had to travel hours to Hungary’s Bern embassy in 2014 to be able to cast his ballot. Some people who were willing to make the long journey were not given a leave from their workplaces. “This is how we Hungarians living abroad are treated by the Fidesz government: as second-rate citizens, and that’s what we want to change,” he asserted.

The founder of Jobbik’s Dublin friendship group, Gábor Szathmáry-Király also talked about his organization’s activities. As he put it, they are committed to convey Jobbik’s programme to the Hungarians living in Ireland, while they also launched quite a few initiatives on their own, including the Trianon commemoration event or the collection of donations when they received 400 kilograms of clothes and home appliances and had them delivered to families living in need in the motherland. “We feel that the government has let go of our hand and we consider Jobbik as the only solution. The national people’s party concept is more than just a phrase for us; we want to represent all Hungarians, wherever they may live in the world,” he stated.

“While Fidesz and PM Orbán prefer cheap labour, keeping Hungary as a colony and raising a generation of assembly line workers, Jobbik spearheads the movement for a European wage union because it is clear that people flee to the west for economic reasons,” Mr Szathmáry-Király emphasized, adding that many of them would love to come home but there was no opportunity for that in the current situation.  

Concluding the event, MP Szávay said Jobbik was striving for a country worth returning to, i.e., a country where people can make a decent living and raise their children on honest work and where the state helps citizens instead of intimidating or persecuting them.


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