Jobbik: The adoption of the indefinite powers act marks a dark day in Hungarian democracy

Jobbik’s deputy parliamentary group leader Koloman Brenner called it a dark day of Hungarian democracy when the pro-government MPs passed the indefinite powers bill. According to the MP, Viktor Orbán and Fidesz, enjoying the help of some parliamentary seat thieves and, unfortunately, the German ethnic minority representative, got the act adopted. This act grants additional powers to Europe’s already most overpowered government, and for an indefinite time, too, unfortunately, MP Brenner said in his press conference.

Jobbik’s deputy faction leader noted that his organization, true to its civic and conservative people’s party principles, has stood for the fundamental values of democracy and did its best to prevent the Parliament’s powers from being curbed like this. Emphasizing that the freedom of speech should never have been restricted so severely as in this “blanket legislation”, he added that Jobbik, just like before, would of course support any measures that are truly aimed at beating the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, President of the Republic Áder is looking for his pen

Mr Brenner raised the question why President of the Republic János Áder failed to address the public on account of the coronavirus outbreak or after his signing the indefinite powers act into law. János Áder must have been busy looking for his pen all this time because he signed the bill extremely quickly yesterday. Furthermore, he even added an accessory comment to the indefinite powers act. In contrast with the President’s position, Jobbik believes what the government needs in this situation is not excessive powers but extensive coronavirus testing, honest media coverage and a cooperation with a well-informed public, said Jobbik’s deputy faction leader. The MP criticized President Áder for failing to address the nation and to calm Hungarian citizens down in this highly intense situation. This kind of negligence makes Mr Áder unsuitable for his high office, the lawmaker asserted.

Besides English, give information in German and French, too

Jobbik warned that English is not enough to keep the public informed about the coronavirus measures. MP Brenner proposed the government to also issue releases in German and French instead of only English. He pointed out that the German ethnic minority is proportionally the largest in Hungary, that’s why he recommended German as another language of communication. We rightfully expect ethnic Hungarian communities to be informed in their mother tongue in Romania or Slovakia, so Hungary should set an example in that regard as well, he suggested.

Good afternoon, Mr Prime Minister, you’ve just stopped Brussels

Jobbik believes that the European Union needs substantial reforms. However, he rejected PM Orbán’s cynical argumentation that there was no help from the EU.

"That's a lie! First of all, healthcare is a member state competency. So good afternoon, Mr Prime Minister, you’ve just stopped Brussels since our healthcare system, which this coronavirus epidemic will put to a serious test, is in its current condition because of Fidesz’ two-thirds majority rule going on for ten years. Mr Prime Minister, this is all your and your Fidesz’ responsibility!" added Jobbik’s deputy faction leader.

The European Union reacted relatively quickly, considering that they had to coordinate the interests of 27 member states. Hungary has been allocated a substantial sum and Fidesz’ argument that these monies have been earmarked earlier is false because the Hungarian government now has the power to immediately reallocate this amount to coronavirus containment, the MP emphasized. Jobbik’s politician asked Fidesz to stop instigating against the European Union and focus on the epidemic because it is our common interest to eliminate this virus rather than Hungary’s Euro-Atlantic embeddedness or democracy.



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