Jobbik supports the European Citizens’ Initiative to join the European Public Prosecutor’s Office

Jobbik has long been advocating the idea that Hungary should join the European Public Prosecutor’s Office to protect the EU monies and Hungarian families.

On account of the corrupt dealings with the EU funds, our country may have to face serious financial sanctions as early as next year. Introducing the new mechanism on the rule of law, the EU’s next 2021-2027 budget cycle may cause us to lose further monies and the victims of this process will be our honest compatriots, the Hungarian towns, villages and enterprises. Joining the European Public Prosecutor’s Office is not a sovereignty issue since the organization’s scope of competency would only cover the use of EU funds. However, the government categorically opposes the idea because handing out EU monies to their pals forms a pillar of their power.

It is the people of Hungary who suffer from the Orbán government’s irresponsible and corrupt policies. Orbán and his men steal a significant part of the European Union’s funds while the Hungarian Prosecutor’s Office abets the government. Beside backing Ákos Hadházy’s campaign to collect statements of support, Jobbik endorses the European Citizens’ Initiative for Hungary’s joining the European Public Prosecutor’s Office and helps collecting signatures.

MP Tibor Bana, Jobbik’s vice president and vice chairman of the Committee on European Affairs of the Hungarian National Assembly