Jobbik supports Minority SafePack initiative

As a national force standing up for the cause of Hungarian minorities living abroad, Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary feels obliged to support the European Citizens’ Initiative called Minority SafePack.

The European Citizens’ Initiative was launched in order to ensure the widest possible rights for European minorities in terms of using their language and national symbols, among other things. Needless to say, this initiative is vital for our Hungarian brothers and sisters living in the territories torn away from us, as their fundamental rights are curbed on a daily basis.

As it was reported earlier, fines have been imposed for singing the Hungarian and the Szekler anthems in Romania while the Szekler flag is forbidden to be placed on public buildings. Unfortunately, the list of discriminative acts against Hungarians is quite long, including cases from the Southland (Serbia), Transcarpathia (Ukraine) as well as the Northland (Slovakia).

We are glad that, along with Jobbik’s initiative for a European Wage Union, another European Citizens’ Initiative has just been launched that can ensure a better, happier life for millions of Hungarian people.

Consequently, Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary joins the European Citizens’ Initiative called Minority SafePack, and invites all of its members and supporters to help collecting the necessary one million signatures.

MP István Szávay, Chairman of Jobbik's National Policy Cabinet