Jobbik supports Croatian war veterans

Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary expresses its respect for the veterans of the Croatian war of independence and appreciates the enormous sacrifice they made for protecting Croatia. Jobbik has always promoted the worthy commemoration of the Croatian patriotic war, and our hearts go out to the former warriors. Several Hungarian-populated villages were protected by Croatian soldiers, for which our nation will always be grateful.

Just as these warriors stood up for freedom, Jobbik, as the second largest party in Hungary, feels obligated to stand up for these war veterans as well. We were sad to hear of the high suicide rate among the soldiers and that many of them struggle to survive their difficulties on a daily basis. Jobbik requests the Croatian government to do their best in order to improve the conditions of the former soldiers so that these veterans could enjoy decent living standards as soon as possible.

István Szávay
Movement for a Better Hungary