Jobbik submits bill against animal cruelty for the 8th time

The past few weeks have again seen shocking cases of animal cruelty, causing a completely rightful public outrage. Due to the lack of any deterrent force, animal abusers tend to commit more and more cowardly and despicable criminal acts. The two most recent cases are the owner of a supposedly dog-friendly hotel bludgeoning a guest’s little dog to death with a metal pipe in the town of Siófok and an elderly woman tying her dog with a rope to her car and dragging it to death in Balotaszállás. On seven occasions, Jobbik has already proposed the Parliament to adopt a stricter legislation on animal abuse and raise the upper limit of punishment but Fidesz-Christian Democrats have always swept our bills off the table.

After consulting several animal rights organizations, Jobbik once again submits its bill so that animal abusers could be handed out much harsher punishments. Considering how Fidesz-Christian Democrats have always sided with the animal abusers so far, we have no illusions but perhaps they might listen to the voice of the humane public for once. All murderers must be punished!


Jobbik MP Anita Potocskáné Kőrösi