Jobbik: Street protest for democracy

In his pre-agenda speech in Parliament on Monday, Gábor Vona announced that they were going to hold a peaceful demonstration on Friday afternoon and invited all those who wanted Hungary’s democracy to survive Orbán’s nepotistic regime. Talking about the State Audit Office’s (SAO) decision to fine Jobbik, the president said it was orchestrated by the corrupt tyrant Viktor Orbán, who “attempts to wipe out the only realistic contender for government, close the shop of democracy and accomplish his desire to establish a dictatorship”.

Mr Vona added that the government was afraid of losing their power, and that was why they employed such measures. However, he said, they had better revoke the State Audit Office’s base action and SAO president László Domokos (a former Fidesz MP) should resign from his position, too. No matter how hard the government clings to power, Hungarian citizens will remove it from office, he asserted.

Photo: Balázs Béli/Alfahír

Outlining Jobbik’s measures to put Hungary back on the right track after the current government is ousted, Mr Vona identified six actions:

•Ensuring Hungary’s security is a top priority so Jobbik will reinforce the border fences if necessary, set up a special Border Guard Service and eliminate the residency bond business, the beneficiaries of which will have to account for all their income, too.

•Jobbik will restore the institutions of democracy, which Fidesz subjugated by eliminating the system of checks and balances.

•The party will conduct an education policy worthy of the 21st century, a production-oriented economic policy and uproot corruption.

•They will remedy the damage caused by Viktor Orbán in terms of Hungary’s international relations.

•They will put all their efforts into stopping the emigration of our youth, which is driven by economic necessity rather than any wish for adventure.

Reflecting on an earlier Fidesz statement that 2017 was going to be the year of rebellion, Jobbik’s Candidate for Prime Minister said the rebellion was coming to Hungary in 2018 and it was going to sweep off the Orbán government. Mr Vona invited all supporters of Hungarian democracy for a peaceful demonstration in front of Fidesz’ Lendvay Street head office at 5 p.m on Friday.


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