Jobbik stands for Hungarians in Transylvania and Partium

True to its origins, Jobbik has always stood for the rights of Hungarians living beyond our borders. The Hungarian People’s Party of Transylvania held its 5th general assembly meeting today and the event was attended by Jobbik’s spokesman István Apáti, who made a speech and delivered president Gábor Vona’s message as well.

Jobbik’s politician reported the event on his Facebook page. Mr Apáti emphasized how great it was to meet people who don’t consider regional autonomy as a mere political product. In his view, “the People’s Party is the only political organization to represent proper ideologies and values in Transylvania”.

“Ever since our party was established, we have always stood for the autonomy of the Szekler and Érmellék territories, we voted for the dual citizenship, we initiated a Trianon memorial day in Hungary and we were the first to suggest funding school excursions to Hungarian-populated areas beyond our borders.” Our political position has always been characterized by taking responsibility for the Hungarian communities living abroad.” Of course, this kind of political approach entails that Jobbik condemns any Romanian measures that attempt to question the state-forming role of the Transylvanian Hungarian community or to curb their rights for education and culture in their native language. “Our Hungarian brothers and sisters who were torn away from us can always rely on our help to protect their rights.”


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