Jobbik sets up "Wall of Truth" to debunk the lies of Fidesz' propaganda machine

Jobbik launches a national tour of exhibitions to call attention to the unscrupulous lies of the pro-government media. The “Wall of Truth” displays a selection of corrections that Fidesz’ media was obliged to publish after the relevant court verdicts, Jobbik’s deputy faction leader Gergely Farkas said in the press conference held in Nyugati Square on Monday. Jobbik’s European parliamentary election programme includes such key elements as the anti-migration struggle, the European wage union, joining the European Public Prosecutor’s Office, autonomy for the Hungarian communities living in the neighbouring countries as well as the fight against fake news.

“In other countries, the government fights fake news while in Hungary it’s the government and its attached media that produces these lies,” Mr Farkas noted. He added that the government had used this weapon on all of its political opponents but it was Jobbik they lied the most about. This fact is proven by over two hundred libel suits lost by the government’s media, where the court verdicts clearly stated that false statements were made about Jobbik.

“Let me apologize to the pro-government media outlets whose lies could not fit in this wall,” Gergő Keresztesy noted ironically. The president of Jobbik’s Youth Platform said the “Wall of Truth” would go on a round tour of Hungary and be set up in several Hungarian towns before the EP elections so that citizens could see how the servants of the government propaganda mislead them. Mr Keresztesy called it outrageous that the taxpayer-financed public media had become nothing more than the government’s mouthpiece while no effort is spared to swallow up any remaining independent media outlets. Recalling a similar billboard exhibition held by Fidelitas last year, he criticized Fidesz’ youth organization for accusing Jobbik of trying to dismantle the border fence and cooperating with former Prime Minister Gyurcsány. He expressed his opinion that such actions clearly demonstrated that the governing party’s youth organization, headed by László Böröcz, “has no original ideas and carries out Viktor Orbán’s orders based on lies and deception”. In contrast, Jobbik’s Youth Platform “presents the honest truth to the society”, he concluded.


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