Jobbik sends message to Mészáros&Co.: Properties will be confiscated in all justified cases!


Jobbik would confiscate properties in all justified cases, said the party’s spokesman István Apáti in his Budapest press conference on Wednesday.

The opposition politician explained that the confiscation of properties is an existing law although it is rarely applied by the courts. Citing an example, he mentioned that properties worth 431 million EUR had been confiscated from politicians and economic players in Romania last year. “We should catch up at least with Romania in this regard,” he stated.

Asserting that his party would hold culprits accountable against civil, criminal and taxation laws if Jobbik wins the elections, he added that the so-called oligarch tax would also be included in the package. Just as party president Gábor Vona said earlier, the legislation would apply in progressive tiers to those who had wealth gains over 300 million HUF per year.

Jobbik’s spokesman emphasized that they would clearly distinguish between honest and dishonest gains. As he put it, the Socialist Party would “sweep the attics once again”, while Jobbik’s concept would only pose a threat to such figures as Árpád Habony, István Garancsi, Lőrinc Mészáros and the likes of them.

In response to a question from the media, he said they would begin with the key government-funded construction projects, investigating potential cases of overpricing. Noting that the investigations would affect all business corporations retrospectively, back to 2002, he explained that they would be conducted by a special department of the tax authority and an anti-corruption prosecution office to be established.

Mr Apáti remarked that they might not start with the “figures in the spotlight” but those who try to keep a distance from it. “When the first few of them get the Draconian sentences like those in Romania, they might start to contemplate if they really want to spend N years squatting in a correctional facility or perhaps they have something to tell,” he said.



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