Jobbik says NO to the extension of the Hungarian government’s special powers!

Why is it unacceptable to grant Orbán special powers again? – Orbán now asks the opposition to support the extension of his special powers for another 90-day period. Let’s see what he has done so far to “gain the people’s trust”:

  •  He rewrote the electoral law.
  •  He amended the constitution so that the HUF hundreds of billions handed out to Fidesz foundations would no longer be considered public monies. In other words, he has constitutionalized theft.
  •  He launched a targeted revenge campaign against opposition-led towns and took away the local people’s money.
  •  Instead of protecting jobs, he spent the billions of the Economy Protection Fund on football stadiums, space research, the Budapest-Belgrade railway line and his pals’ hotels.

All these actions were justified by the pandemic, weren’t they? By any chance, it wasn’t Fidesz and Orbán trying to capitalize on the Hungarian people’s misery, was it?

Of course, we should recognize his greatest “achievement” in protecting Hungary from the pandemic: he had the Parliament officially recognize his anti-pandemic efforts in the latest bill to extend his special powers... That’s all Orbán did while lots of Hungarian businesses went bankrupt and lots of people lost their livelihood. 13 thousand people died of the coronavirus and who knows how many died due to the missing treatments.

Orbán and his band have lost the trust of the Hungarian people, so the 90-day extension of his special powers is unacceptable. He will not get it from Jobbik!

As a Member of the European Parliament, I strive for Hungary to take example from European welfare states rather than self-aggrandizing Asian dictatorships. We should follow the example of the countries whose governments are busy protecting jobs and supporting small and medium enterprises instead of lining the pockets of their pals. Welfare for all Hungarians!