Jobbik: Revise the new National Curriculum!

In his press conference, Jobbik’s deputy parliamentary faction leader and head of the party’s cabinet for educational and cultural affairs, Koloman Brenner called on the government to postpone the introduction of the new National Curriculum and give it a complete revision involving all affected stakeholders in the process.

The opposition politician criticized the minister for human capacities for his statement that the new Curriculum was only met with insignificant and politically or ideologically driven protests. Mr Brenner also added that there was a pointless ideological debate about the role of certain Hungarian literary figures even though contrasting Albert Wass with Harry Potter will never solve the problem of a quarter of our 15-year-old age group being functionally illiterate.

According to Mr Brenner, the debate should be about how you could be given the skills and competencies needed to get by in the 21st century, and how the achievements of digitalization could be integrated into education, offering a much more intensive language teaching and incorporating the important practical skills into the curriculum.  The politician urged that the current 80 per cent rate of centrally determined components should be reduced to 70 per cent while the optional parts should focus more on the traditions of the particular region and town.

In line with the proposal of the National Teachers Chamber, he also suggested that teachers’ salaries should be increased by 40 per cent to compensate for the lack of payrises earlier.


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