Jobbik requests Constitutional Court to rule on outdoor media law

Jobbik says the Hungarian opposition will soon collect enough support to ask the Constitutional Court to review the amendment of the legislation on party financing adopted by Parliament last week. In his Tuesday press conference, Jobbik MP Gábor Staudt said he had not been informed of anyone opposing their proposal so far.

The politician explained the reasons why they wanted to challenge the amendment of the party financing law: they believe that the government parties violated the House Rules of Parliament when modifying the original bill in excess of the President’s objections, so it is “doubly invalid in terms of public law”.

“Furthermore, Fidesz used a simple majority to pass resolutions that would have required a two thirds majority in Parliament, including prohibitions related to the financing of political parties,” Mr Staudt emphasized. The amendment affects party financing in aspects that are required to be regulated in a fundamental law as laid out in Section 8 of the Constitution.

The newly-adopted version of the law contains a specific prohibition: “Advertisement spots and/or outdoor media surfaces shall not be provided for political parties, either at a discounted price or as a form of donation.” In the MP’s opinion, the above prohibition may only be adopted by a two-thirds Parliamentary majority, and he expressed his trust in the Constitutional Court feeling the historic weight of the decision and scheduling the posterior review of the law as soon as early autumn.


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