Jobbik remembers the victims of the Beneš Decrees

Exactly 70 years ago on August 2, 1945, the infamous Beneš Decrees were issued in order to enforce a total legal deprivation of ethnic Hungarian and German citizens living in the territory of Czechoslovakia.

The people impacted by the decree lost their citizenship, their jobs and their old-age pensions were revoked as well. Hungarian students were expelled from the universities, the use of their mother tongues was forbidden, their cultural associations were dissolved and their bank accounts were simply seized. The people's tribunals were convicting Hungarians in an accelerated process, 75 thousand citizens were pronounced to have committed war crimes and expelled from the country. The expelled Hungarians were forced to give up 92 thousand hectares of land and 15700 houses to the new tenants. Altogether, 76616 Hungarian people were expelled from their homelands and forced to move within the borders drawn in the Treaty of Trianon.

To the shame of the Hungarian diplomacy in the past quarter of a century, the abominable Beneš Decrees are still in effect after the collapse of communism and they raise an issue neither under the Treaty of Lisbon nor the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union.

Getting into government, Jobbik will make all diplomatic efforts to gain recognition and apology for the deprived Hungarians, as well as to ensure that their families and descendants receive a worthy and fair compensation.


Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary