Jobbik rejects Orbán’s latest plan of settling Asian guest workers in Hungary

Orbán’s plan to settle masses of Pakistani and other third-world workers in Hungary is unacceptable. As it was reported, this idea was proposed by the head of Market Co., an enterprise affiliated to Viktor Orbán’s personal friend, István Garancsi. After the residency bond business, Fidesz is now planning to bring Asian guest workers to Hungary. This idea of Fidesz oligarchs must be prevented at all costs.  

Typically enough, the Hungarian government fails to make plans of bringing back the Hungarian citizens from Western Europe or promoting more competitive wages in Hungary, which is a fundamental objective of the European Citizens’ Initiative for a Wage Union. Even though Jobbik keeps sounding the alarm, the government still refuses to acknowledge that hundreds of thousands have been forced to leave Hungary for livelihood reasons while the shocking labour shortage dries out our economy. Some of Fidesz’ bills have already opened the gates for certain big and, presumably, multinational businesses to “import” labour force, so we cannot rest assured that the government would refrain from following up on this agenda.  

In contrast, Jobbik’s position is clear: we declare zero tolerance on any ideas like this. Instead, we will promote the development of small and medium enterprises as well as local workers by reforming the vocational education system, launching state-subsidized social housing projects and creating a business climate where all Hungarians can prosper in our country.


Dániel Z. Kárpát, Jobbik's vice president